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  1. Suchira ist eine einfühlsame und hingebungsvolle Masseurin. Ich liebe ihre AyuvedaMassagen, die kraftvoll und sanft zugleich immer genau so tief gehen, wie ich es brauche.. Danach fühle ich mich immer herrlich: entspannt, durchgewalkt, liebevoll berührt, abgetaucht in wohltuende Sphären. Das Heilpulver in Kombination mit dem Öl auf der Haut riecht angenehm und sorgt für samtweiche gut durchblutete Haut. Ich lass mich immer von Suchira massieren, wenn sie on Berlin ist. Ich kann Suchiras Massage von ganzem Herzen wärmstens empfehlen!

  2. Andreas Jachmann

    Wow! Das klingt ja alles spannend. Ich hatte die Ehre Trauma-Release in Goa mit der Begründerin von Me-Passana zu erleben und kann nur jedem die liebevoll kompetente Betreung und gewissenhaftige Erkundung der jnd Heilung der menschlichen Psyche ans Herz leben. Kann es kaum erwarten wieder dabei zu sein.
    Alles Gute für das Projekt – Mehrwert garantiert 🙂

  3. it was an amazing experience. the team is magical and the whole experience is more than healing. it helps so much and everybody became like family. the facilities are beautiful and more than enough, everything is clean & you get a close connection to nature. highly recommended.

  4. Meine Family und ich haben 3 Wochen bei Suchira und Arun verbracht. Es war eine wunderschöne Zeit. in der ich mich so entspannt habe, wie selten vorher. Seitdem ist Indien ein Sehnsuchtsort. Reiki und Suchiras Massagen haben mir geholfen, meinen Körper besser wahrzunehmen. I highly recommend staying there!

  5. ~•~ 🌺 ALOHA 🌺

    5 Years Ago, I came back to Arambol for second Time. I got this intention to meet Reiki masters so that I can first self heal and rejuvenate myself after giving massage sessions.

    When I arrived on Suchira’s piece of Land, some meters behind main road in Arambol, I already felt differently ” connected “. Looking for which House to go in, I suddenly saw a Friend of mine leaving the One At the End. Great sign I told myself. . . as I already got the recommandations for Suchira’s work and skills.

    So I was initiated for REIKI USUI 1&2 on the roof top of the main house, while learning her Powerful yoga rebalancing massage on futon. That was a great Time spent together. HAPPY and technical teaching, quality and vert Shanti Time.

    My Reiki Attunement was an Amazing experience as I ” Saw ” many symbols, animals, & special human silhouettes too ( I got this feeling of Devine Presences ). I feel Really Grateful my Path met Suchira’s one, in such a place as Arambol where I could enjoy jungle, sea, concerts, ecstatic dance, great vegan food, sunset célébrations and so many other great vibes too.

    People I massage now Say i Really vive something différent and special. For others, they Really have a Reiki expérience that happens Right on Time for them. Really to let go and affirm and empower themselves too. I wish all bring to live those kinds of experiences, and I Wish you have an extraordinary moment thanks to Suchira’s Presence. ✨🌟🔱🌀.•🙏🏻•.🌀🔱🌟✨ NAMASTE ~•~

  6. I highly recommend Suchira! My first meeting with her was as a client where I recieved her healing massage treatment and a few years later I attended a course with her. She is a wonderful teacher and her space where she gives the course is great. I have learned so much from her!
    From me she get 5 of 5 stars

  7. 5 days transformational breath journey it my First experience and I know for sure that it won’t be the last. I could not even think that 5 days could include a very powerful reboot. I can only say that I am grateful for every second that I spent with Suchira and Anoon.

  8. I have just finished a week of transformational breath-journey with Suchira and Aroon in Goa and it has been an amazingly healing experience, I felt safe and supported by the facilitators who are experienced and the lovely group of people that participated, with no judgment and we became like a family. We worked on chakras alignment with movement meditations and following breath-work sessions each day, it has helped me letting go of many tension and gaining insight and heal myself. I must mention the location is amazing with a lot of nature surrounding the property of the yoga hall, which is nourishing for the souls. Suchira and Aroon are knowledgeable and experienced facilitators and I highly recommend joining their courses if you are looking for a transformational experience.

  9. At first i didn’t know what i was walking into, I myself have rejected the idea of needing breathwork for years. the constant thought of why do i even need something like this? never made sense untill i attend the 5 day course.

    what’s different after the course ? I don’t have the guilt of needing to ask for a a hug from random beings i feel connected to. I am able to explore my being with social interactions without triggering my traumas

    why ? Suchira & Arun !!
    They have mastered several practices and formed mepassana as set of well defined and explained structure of practices to explore hyperventilation states of mind in a guided fashion. you ain’t gonna flip instead you will make it to the other side and come back with more answers. that’s not it!! they will also train you in how to managing these situations in your day to day life with your friends, partners and family.

    experience was phenomenal and would be my stop of blissful exploration into self once a year.

  10. Thanks again Suchira and Arun for these 5 days breathwork journey. I felt welcomed and i enjoyed the safe space you have created.

    Everyday i had good emotional releases, and i have been able to feel compassion for my father on the 5th day, it was good 🙂

    i also like your way of facilitating with a lot of dancing moments and enjoying moments.

    i am “emotional healer” and still i need good safe spaces to continue my own journey and be able to open more and more my heart. Those 5 days was a good space for that.

    Namaste 🙂

  11. Ich fand den Kurs sensationell gut und fühle mich viel leichter. Man sieht mir wohl auch an, dass die Anspannung verschwunden ist. Mir wurden in der kurzen Zeit so viele Dinge bewusst und konnten gleichzeitig geheilt werden, wie selten zuvor in deiner Session. DANKE an alle Beteiligten ❤

  12. I am so happy and greatful for the trauma release workshop, one of the most transformative experience in my whole adult life…I would prescribe it to everybody…it is the fastest way to come out from the misery, to break free from the old habits of self-sabotage and negative narratives in our lives. The way is gentle even if the work is hard. The power of the small group, the safe space and the awesome guide’s support makes the journey beautiful and unforgettable. 🙏 thank you

  13. I want to thank you again for all the changes that happened to me after I participated in the 5 days breath journey for the first time.

    From the moment I entered through the “secret fairy road” I felt that I׳m in a magical place . Suchira and Arun are so so lovely and professionals that I felt save, and in excellent hands.

    I also did a wonderful massage with mud,
    I felt that Sucira understood exactly what my body needed and with what intensities to touch. after that felt so relaxed and my skin was so soft.

    I know I will be back again 🙏 ❤️🙏❤️

  14. Victoria Williams

    I was blown away by the breathwork and trauma release workshop. I had never participated in anything similar so didn’t know what to expect but really liked and trusted Sukeerer and Arun so decided it could be a valuable experience, which it was. A totally safe space to reach depths unavailable by talking therapies alone. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to let go of the past and experience pure tranquility.

  15. The breath work was a totally different and transformative experience for me. Before attending the retreat I knew nothing about breath work and it’s benefits. It was mind blowing.
    Suchira and Arun were great hosts for the duration of the retreat. They accommodated me in ways I could not imagine. Their house was my home away from home and they were able to assist me even with my private things as well. I am forever greatful for this experience. I feel lighter and freer ever since I’ve participated in the retreat. Thank you so much 💞

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