As in the inside so in the outside.


In 21 days to more inner peace.

Learn skills
which will help you

to get healthier
and stay that way.

What awaits you?

Together we will go on a journey to yourself, to your inner child, to your true being. Breathing work helps you release yourself from traumatic experiences. We explore the whole body, through the chakras and discover how we can accept and dissolve our beliefs and patterns that have arisen as a result of experienced trauma.

After this journey inwards, you can discover "the real India" together with us. We will accompany you in the 3rd release week to places of spirituality and show you the beauty and uniqueness of India.

You design your trip individually and can choose whether you want to spend 14 days or 21 days with us. The first 2 weeks serve the trauma release in Arambol, Goa. There is also enough time to explore the surroundings and the treasures of Goa. discover

Mepassana - Inner Healing - Trauma Release Arambol
Mepassana - Inner Healing - Trauma Release Arambol
Mepassana - Inner Healing - Trauma Release Arambol
Mepassana - Inner Healing - Trauma Release Arambol

Incredible India - it resonates at higher frequencies - resonate.

a spiritual journey to yourself.

Mepassana - Inner Healing - Trauma Release Arambol
Hampi - Weltkulturerbe Indien
Mepassana - Inner Healing - Trauma Release Arambol

Who is expecting you?

Trauma Release Arambol

The Buddha in me greets the Buddha in you

India gave me everything and I want to share this with you!

My team and I will go on your own personal journey with you to bring you closer to your Buddha nature again.

When I first came to India 30 years ago, I was depressed, suicidal and hopeless. Even then, I intuitively perceived that the western, materialistic worldview is not right for me, that it is the wrong way for me to shape my life. Subject to the “western conditioning” it was the only right thing for me to leave this birthright system to find myself and to find peace and to rediscover the joy of life.

I brought with me some trauma from my childhood. For years I have been a victim of emotional & sexual abuse. So I also experienced an intense, redeeming and inspiring journey ...


Your journey

1st week

Recognize trauma
Letting go of trauma

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1st & 2nd day - arrive and feel good

arrive and feel good
Take the time to arrive, sleep in and feel the energies of Arambol. Get to know us and each other a little bit.

Tag 3 - Sahasrara - Kronenchakra & Ajna - Stirnchakra

Connection of the human with the divine, knowledge, consciousness, spirituality, fulfillment, enlightenment

Intuition, higher mind, clairvoyance, communication with the soul

4th day - Vissudha - Throat Chakra

Communication, expression, creativity, inspiration
Space of uniqueness and individuality. Opening for the subtle level, clarity inside and outside

5th day - Anahata - Heart Chakra

Acceptance, relationship, love, devotion, sensitivity, healing, compassion, joy of heart

6th day - Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra

Strength, personality, responsibility, setting limits, gut feeling / intuition
"I DO"

Tag 7 - Svadishthana - Sakralchakra & Muladhara - Wurzelchakra

Sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, sociability, letting go of the flow of life, relationship to life energy

Energy, stability, support and strength from the earth, basic trust, vitality, adherence to the ground, reference to the material level
"I AM"

From day 3 we start daily at 10:00 a.m. with energetic exercises, which then turn into breathing exercises. At 1 p.m. we take a break, eat something light together and then have enough time until 3 p.m. to refresh ourselves in the ocean. Then it continues until 6 p.m. until dinner together. Then we linger by the fire with healing Indian chants (Bhajans) and let the day end in a relaxed manner.

8th to 14th day

Now you are much freer and healer and these days give further deepening and healing and give you the opportunity to go into peace. For your further journey inward, we offer you daily:

  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Massages

(1 Session inklusive)

2nd week

feel good

Exercises daily from 10:00 a.m. by arrangement. Just feel good, walk on the beach and enjoy the sunrises & sunsets.
We continue to meet for dinner together. Then we linger by the fire with healing Indian chants (Bhajans) and let the day end in a relaxed manner.

3rd week

"real India"

In the evening we set off together with the train to get to know “the real India”.
The journey and the accommodation will be organized by us and will take between 8 and 14 hours. Catering is not included. Breakfast can be booked after arrival depending on the destination and accommodation. We will give you all information and options regarding catering before your arrival or directly on site.

On the 18th day we travel back to Goa (Arambol), where we spend the last 3 days of the trip and enjoy even more sunsets and the ocean before you travel back to your familiar surroundings, where you can experience and develop anew.

15th to 21st day

This week we explore one of the most sacred places in India. Our destination varies depending on the season and the possibility.

We travel to various surrounding regions such as the world cultural heritage Hampi, to the sacred mountains in Arunachala, to Gokarna or to Varanasi, directly on the Ghanges.

We shape the days together depending on what gives us joy and happiness.

*Early Bird price valid until 21 days before the start of the event!


current dates

Therapeutic Breathwork Facilitator Training - Goa, India

Therapeutic Breathwork Facilitator Training - Goa, India

€ 1.800

Practical Live Training Intensive November 20th 2023- December 15th 2023
Ongoing online teaching and support until May 2024
1 month live training in a private home in Arambol, Goa, India.

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20 November 2023
Mepassana trauma release - 2 weeks

Mepassana trauma release - 2 weeks

€ 1.500

Together we will go on a journey to yourself, to your inner child, to your true being.
Week 1: Trauma release, recognizing trauma, letting go of trauma
Week 2: feel, deepen, feel good

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08 January 2024
Mepassana Trauma Release – 2 weeks – CARNIVAL SPECIAL

Mepassana Trauma Release – 2 weeks – CARNIVAL SPECIAL

€ 1.500

Together we will go on a journey to yourself, to your inner child, to your true being.
Week 1: Trauma release, recognizing trauma, letting go of trauma
Week 2: feel, deepen, feel good
Experience yourself in the hippie community at the legendary carnival in Arambol.

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05 February 2024
Mepassana trauma release - 2 weeks

Mepassana trauma release - 2 weeks

€ 1.500

Together we will go on a journey to yourself, to your inner child, to your true being.
Week 1: Trauma release, recognizing trauma, letting go of trauma
Week 2: feel, deepen, feel good

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26 February 2024

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.


Our destinations
"the real India"


Hampi is one of the greatest tourist attractions in India. The former metropolis, which was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire from the 14th to the 16th centuries, was once the largest city in the world. Between 200,000 and 500,000 inhabitants are said to have once lived here. Today Hampi is just a small village with less than 3,000 inhabitants.

Scattered over an area of ​​26 square kilometers, on which gigantic boulders lie around as if by giants, and fertile banana and rice fields are scattered, are old temples, monuments and public buildings from the heyday of this branch. For India lovers, visiting this place is a must. Hampi has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

Tiruvannamalai is a city in the southern Indian state of Tamil with around 145,000 inhabitants and is one of the most visited Hindu pilgrimage sites in Tamil Nadu. The landmark of Tiruvannamalai is the mighty Arunachaleswara Temple. Around the central sanctuary of the temple complex is one of the largest in southern India with an area of ​​almost ten hectares.

Furthermore, the Arunachala (mountain at the foot of the city of Tiruvannamalai) is considered a manifestation of the god Shiva. The Arunachala is one of the oldest Indian rock formations and has a bare cone made of reddish volcanic rock. Legend has it that Shiva appeared on this mountain in the form of a fiery linga to the gods Brahma and Vishnu. The name of the mountain, which can be translated as "hill of light" or "hill of dawn", also refers to this legend.

We also visit the Kodaikanal. This city is located in the Palani Mountains at around 2200 meters above sea level and has around 37,000 inhabitants. 

Image source

Thiruvannamalai (Arunachala)


Varanasi which is the most important pilgrimage destination of the Hindus. The city on the Ganges is one of the oldest cities in India and is considered the holiest city in Hinduism. It has always attracted countless pilgrims and visitors and is considered the city of the god Shiva Vishwanat. It is worthwhile for every Hindu to take a bath in the Ganges in Varansi once in his life. Ritual ablutions can already be observed in the early hours of the morning. 

There are a total of 84 ghats in Varansi. The Gaths are the city's entrances to the Ganges, which were specially built for religious ceremonies. Not only the ritual ablutions take place there. Corpses are also burned to break the eternal cycle of rebirths. You can also watch the magical Aarti ceremony “Ganga Aarti” every evening at sunset.

The old town of Varansi is a network of narrow streets, people and animals and you run the risk of getting lost. The Indians are happy to help you find the right way again.

Also impressive is the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, the “golden temple” in the heart of Varanasi, which was dedicated to the deity Shiva. There are a total of about 2000 temples in Varansi, which are assigned to the various religions.


Gokarna is a village in Uttara Kannada in the state of Karnataka in India. The place is both a Hindu pilgrimage site and a tourist site. This place is one of the contrasts. It is known as a place of pilgrimage and as a vacation spot with many wonderful stands.

Mainly coconut palms grow on the beaches. The lively city runs along two main streets lined with shops and brick buildings. Cabins can be rented on Gokarna's beaches.

The winding access road to Gokarna is scenic, with the stony mountains of the Western Ghats in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west.

The main beaches are Gokarna Beach, Main Beach, Kuddle, Om, Half Moon and Paradise Beach which is also known as Full Moon Beach. 

Are you feeling well already?


Is there anything you would like to tell us?

Have you participated in one of our trauma release (adventure) trips?
Or have you attended one of our other events?

We are happy if you give us feedback, tell us what you particularly liked or what you would do differently or what would have helped you even more in your personal development.

Use the comment box to exchange ideas with others, ask questions or simply tell us something that is close to your heart.

We look forward to reading from you!

Michaela Mitchell

Thank you Suchira and Arun for your amazing hospitality; and for holding the space so profoundly for such deep soul healing to happen.

I can honestly say it has been one of the most profoundly life-changing experiences of my life! I will forever be grateful. Never before have I felt so seen, heard and cared for...It's just been beyond my wildest imaginings.

Michaela Mitchell


Hajnal Bitskey - Trauma Release Goa 2023

I am so happy and greatful for the trauma release workshop, one of the most transformative experience in my whole adult life…I would prescribe it to everybody…it is the fastest way to come out from the misery, to break free from the old habits of self-sabotage and negative narratives in our lives. The way is gentle even if the work is hard. The power of the small group, the safe space and the awesome guide’s support makes the journey beautiful and unforgettable. 🙏 thank you 🙏 

Hajnal Bitskey


I found the course sensationally good and feel much easier. You can also see that the tension has disappeared. I became so many things in the short time and could be healed at the same time as rarely in your session. Thanks to all involved ❤

Deborah Hurst

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